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Matahari tanning lotion Packets

12 Matahari  Packets

12 Matahari Packets

Size: 4 Pkts Each

Sexy Sexy Tan Packet.....Dark Tanning Lotion Bronzer with Cu02, Natural Oils & Extracts and Deep Dark Bronzers. Dark Tan Booster with Bronzer. Sexy Little Cupcake Fragrance.

Diamond Diva Packet
Seduce with the Solitary Beauty of a Rich, Brilliant Tan *Vitatan2000 helps accelerate the appearance of a sensuous, golden brown base tan. *Diamond Dust Vitalizes fatigued skin with real crushed diamonds for a flawless, vibrant glow. *Skinsense infuses skin with antiaging and firming benefits for timeless beauty. *LightReflecting Pigments embellish tanning results with an iridescent luster.

Black Sexy Tan Packet
Black Sexy Tan Step 1 Dark Bronzing Tanning Lotion. Remarkably Dark Bronzers cover your skin with beautiful, balanced color to help you become a vision of sheer radiance. Black Pepper enhances coloring of the skin for an added spice. Sexy Sweetheart Plum Fragrance.


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