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50 Shades tannning lotion

50 Shades

50 Shades

Size: 13.5 oz

Black 50 XXX Erotic Bronzing Experience

DHA Bronzers for longer lasting color, Silicone Emulsion for soft, Silky Skin and a moisturizing skin conditioning formula.

50XXX Bronzers dominate your paleness for the Most Intense Bronze Color that will command everyone's attention. Meanwhile Mask your body in a Vitamin, Enriched blend of AntiAging, Youthful Appearing Moisturizers. This is one time to submit to your desires and enjoy an Intense long Lasting Bronzing Color Climax!

B...Black 50XXX Erotic Bronzers

D...DHA Bronzers for long lasting Color

S...Silicone Emulsion for a Silky, Smooth Silhouette

M...Moisturizing Skin Conditioners

Fragrance: Erotic Seduction

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50 Shades Packet
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