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H.I.M. Extreme tanning lotion Packet by Devoted Creations

H.I.M. Extreme Packet

H.I.M. Extreme Packet

Size: Pkt

HIM Extreme is formulated to tan, hydrate and camouflage tired, dry men’s skin. HIM allows even your roughest edges to be transformed into skin so touchably soft.  Protect your color and your tattoo’s with this unique hemp seed oil skin tanning elixir. It’s okay to have a bromance with HIM… we love HIM too! 

•    Low maintenance instant and time released bronzers
•    Sensitive skin & body deodorizing formula
•    Organic Hemp Seed Oil
•    NEW AcquaCell
•    Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting 
•    Antiaging and skinfirming benefits

   Oriental Black Cashmere Fragrance

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