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Hot Romance

Hot Romance

Size: 8.5 oz

HOT ROMANCE provide a fiery flush of color from sultry skin stimulators while rich Tan Maximizers and Natural Bronzers leave skin ravishing dark.

  • Natural streak free Bronzers including Black Walnut and Henna help balance and blend color for more enhanced golden tan
  • Skin stimulators turn up the heat with a hot tingling sensation on the skin for an advanced tanning experience
  • Dark Tan Maximizers provide a kiss of darkness as they help to boost the skins natural melanin production for a deeper, darker tan
  • Touch of Love Complex combines silky silicones with skin nurturing Aloe and antioxidant rich Vitamins A, C and E for touchable soft, smooth skin
  • Paraben Free

Don't settle for lukewarm and tanning results that are just a bit golden. With Supre HOT ROMANCE Hot Tingle Bronzer, you can turn up the heat and get a tan so dark, you'll have to experience it to believe it's possible! The formula starts with a unique blend of skin stimulators, which create an intense tingle when applied to the skin.

This hot sensation gets blood pumping to the tissue, increasing the cells' supply of oxygen. The extra oxygen allows the cells to function optimally and produce the most melanin possible in response to the Dark Tan Maximizers found in the formula. After your session, black walnut extract, henna and DHA continue to deepen your color to dark black perfection.

Because the Supre HOT ROMANCE Hot Tingle Bronzer accelerates tanning and turns up the heat to the highest level possible, it's also full of healthy ingredients to keep your skin in perfect shape while you tan. Aloe vera conditions the skin, hydrates the tissue and fights irritation, while antioxidants in the formula protect your skin from free radical damage.

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