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Swedish Beauty I Mist You Rejuvenating Deordorizing Body Spray 8 oz.

I Mist You

I Mist You

Size: 8 oz

Mist yourself with confidence as you spray on this refreshing deodorizer.  Powerful ingredients eliminate odors while marinerich vitamins nourish and moisturize skin.  This light mist works to remove toxins, leaving your skin soft and healthy.  You will be glowing with radiance!

  • Secret Rendezvous™ Technology:
    Refresh, renew and deodorize.  Neutralizes odors so you smell fresh and clean
  • SkinFresh™ Deodorant Blend:
    A natural deodorant works to neutralize ATO and perspiration odor
  • Vitamins and Minerals:
    A powerful combination of essential skin nutrients and antioxidants
  • BlueGreen Algae:
    Heavy in vitamins C and E to moisturize and strengthen skin

Fragrance: Sea Breeze

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