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Swedish Beauty Legendary Bronze IconicColor DHA Bronzer Tanning Lotion 10oz.

Legendary Bronze

Legendary Bronze

Size: 10 oz

Ultra IconicColor DHA Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Capsulized Vitamin D Designed to be bronze; designed to be noticed. Glow for the glitz with this ultrarich, premium blend of vitamins, nutrients and the most advanced bronzers for mesmerizing color. Beautiful skin deserves to be shared. Let your color be the most glamorous conversation starter.

• Iconicolor™ Bronzer Concentrated Apple Fruit Extract features the bronzing power of 50; paired with DHA and color boosting natural bronzers to maximize your immediate results with the ability to intensify for hours after you tan

• TanDark™ Technology Melanin Activating Peptides (M.A.P.) and marine based bronzers enhance your tan for the deepest, darkest color

• VitaBeauty Blend™ Vitamins B5, E, C & Encapsulated Vitamin D, with Blueberry and Beets (Swedish Superfruits™) help fight free radicals for more youthful looking skin

• Milk & Yogurt Base Formula Richer and smoother foundation for quickest delivery of dark color results

 Chai Tea Latte Fragrance

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Legendary Bronze Packet
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