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Loopy Intense Dark Tan Maximizer w/Milk Sugar Honey 8.5oz



Size: 8 oz

Intense Dark Tanning Lotion with Milk, Sugar & Honey.

Loopy is the fruitiest, fun tanning lotion on market!

Get golden dark color as well as skin softening, hydrating and repairing benefits from the Sugar, Milk & Honey complex.

Almond oil and vitamin C & E are added for natural soothing and conditioning benefits. Say goodbye to white with this fruity delight!

Dark tanning maximizer darkens skin for a natural golden glow without self tanning ingredients..Milk & Honey Soothe and soften to calm blemish prone skin. Sugar Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells..Almond Oil Naturally keeps skin hydrated... Vitamin C & E Repair dry and damaged skin.

Fruit Loops Fragrance

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