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Mela Plus tanning lotion by John Abate

Mela Plus

Mela Plus

Size: 8 oz.

A unique melanin enhancer formulated especially for tanners.  Should be used during the first few tanning sessions to build a base tan.  Once a base tan has been established, advance to the next level.  John Abate's accelerating formula, Melaplus, should continue to be used as a daily skin conditioner on a regular basis to extend and improve tanning results.

A unique melanin enhancer, rich in Tyrosine and vitamins, formulated especially for tanners.

Use Melaplus two ways:

1. As a tanning accelerator, apply it prior to initial tanning sessions to build a base tan.

2. As a tanning skin conditioner, use it daily to greatly improve tanning results and maintain a tan longer.

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