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Southern Star Tanning Lotion Packet by Tan Incorporated

Southern Star Packet

Southern Star Packet

Size: Pkt

Just like their stars, Southern girls shine the brightest, Ensure your charms are simply irresistible with a golden southern glow.

This luxurious advanced black bronzer is a sweetyetserious kick of color for a gorgeous tan with supersoft max silicones. Brown Sugar bronzers kiss skin with a dark perfection worthy of admiration while an exclusive SunConscious™ serum forgives your skin's wild ways with essential nutrients and conditioning. Your ink deserves some love too, so a Tattoo Enhancing Complex gives your body art a more vivid and fresh appearance.

Life is short. Shine your brightest, and become the star you were meant to be.

• Brown Sugar's Black bronzers ensure the deepest, sexy tan
• Max Silicones and Body Butters bless skin with a super softness
• Tattoo enhancing complex makes your ink look pretty

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