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Swedish Beauty Botanica CALMING Intensifier Vanilla + Chamomile

Swedish Beauty Botanica CALMING Intensifier Packet

Swedish Beauty Botanica CALMING Intensifier Packet

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Drop and give me zen! Stop rushing through life and dissolve away the tensions of the day with this Calming Tanning Tonic. Promote peace and relaxation with a blend of Vanilla + Chamomile that help you stress less, while Tyrosine naturally promotes color development so you can glow your own way worry free! Create your own comfort and say yes to some much needed me time, you deserve it!

  • Intensifying Tyrosine An amino acid that helps to naturally promote a beautiful glow
  • Calming Tanning Tonic™ Designed to be relaxing and peaceful, Vanilla + Chamomile work to help soothe your body and soul with their stress relieving properties
  • TanStart™ Vitamin Blend Proprietary blend of natural ingredients fortified with Vitamins to help enhance your color and ensure smooth, healthy skin
  • Hemp, Gluten, and Paraben Free For healthconscious tanners
  • 95 Percent Naturally Derived
  • Fragrance: Vanilla Cashmere Chamomile, Apple, Anise, Honey, Vanilla

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