3 Must-Know Tanning Bed Tips For A Perfect Tan Every Time

Have you ever wondered how so many women get a perfect golden brown tan through a tanning lotion and tanning bed? If you’re not getting the same great results, perhaps you are missing something or you don’t know the proper way to get tanned using a bed. Whether you are new or a regular tanning enthusiast struggling with results, here are some tips to help you get the perfect tan every single time you get off that tanning bed.

We talked to several professionals on how to make the best use of tanning lotion products and indoor tanning beds. And here’s what they had to say for a perfect tan.

Read, Read and Read More!

  • Good tanning results start with excellent knowledge of what you are doing. This is why most tanning experts recommend that you ask questions and find answers on the internet about the method and ways people use. 

You need to understand what your skin type is and what is the best lotion for your skin tone. Read the labels of the product, read tips and tricks on the internet, and figure out what makes tanning beds different from each other. Understand the risks and how you can use it safely.

Make Sure to Shower And Exfoliate Your Skin

  • Before you go to the tanning bed and apply any kind of tanning product, make sure that your skin is ready. Because your skin will be exposed to UV rays, it is very important that you do not allow direct penetration. Protect your skin by keeping it well-exfoliated before you enter the bed.

Prime your skin before you get tanned and you’ll always get an equal color all over your body. If you are using bronzers, a fresh exfoliation of the skin is even more important in getting even results. Make sure you understand what you are using before you attempt to hit the bed.

Avoid Oil-Based Tanning Products

  • There are many tanning products out there today and it is best that you understand how they are made and what each and every one of them offers. There are some products that are made with oil and extra moisturizers.

The experts we spoke with said that oil-based tanning products are often not easy to use and can ruin your tanning. This is why if you are a beginner, it is a good idea to avoid products that have oils in them. 

  • Another important thing to note is that you should avoid lotions that have potent fragrances in them because UV light can react poorly with these. If you’re not careful, you could end up having an allergic reaction that can get really bad very quickly.

Buy High-Quality Tanning Lotions Only

  • We can’t stress how important it is to avoid cheap and knock-off lotions in the market. By saving a few dollars on a cheap product, you could be inviting a disaster. This is why you should always shop for high-quality products.

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