How Does Tanning Oil Work – Should You Try One?

Tanning oils are very popular product but there are still many people who want to know if these are really effective as people say. To learn about that, we’ll have to find out how a tanning oil works and what does it do to your skin.

Oils are really famous when it comes to outdoor tanning, but they don’t usually work the way people think. These are very different from tanning lotions. Let’s just say that these are a combination of both.

What Does Tanning Oil Provide?

  • These oils are specifically formulated to accelerate the tanning process. Unlike tanning lotions, which accelerate the natural procedure by increasing the results, oils aim for accuracy. 

According to manufacturers of these oils, they offer:

  • Antioxidants
  • Quick Tan because of their color
  • UV protection
  • Anti-aging
  • Moisture
  • Skin Repair

With these benefits, they do offer a very unique solution to the everyday needs of a tanner. However, since they do not speed up the process as tanning lotions do, oils are mainly used as a base for a tan.

How Do Tanning Oils Work?

  • Tanning oils work by making changes on the outermost layer of the skin by increasing melanin production and bringing in more melanin to this layer of the skin.

So if you already have a high amount of melanin in your skin, you will get tanned easily. The oil ensures that your body produces more of this compound so you get accurate results.

  • Most oils contain moisturizers and bronzers in them to help you get tanned. They should be used as a base tan only.

Should You Use Tanning Oils?

  • Anything in excess is bad, the same can be said about these oils. They are naturally made with safe ingredients, however, if you excessively use them, they can cause various problems ranging from skin type to skin type.

However, most of these oils also contain gluten which when absorbed in the skin can cause many skin issues. You could end up getting blister marks on your skin if you use them too much.

  • Since the oils also contain mineral oils, this can clog your skin. The clogging can then lead to overheating of the body when you lie in the sun. When your body overheats, there are various problems that can occur. This includes headaches, digestion problems, acne, and more.

So should you use tanning oils to get a beautiful tan you’ve always wanted? Yes and no.

  • As mentioned earlier, these oils should only be used as a base for tanning. You can combine them with a number of different tanning products like tanning lotions, bronzers, spray tan, and others to get the desired results.

Tanning oils may leave you greasy by the end of your session, but they do produce accurate results. If you have the patience and the skin type that can endure oil, then by all means use these oils to achieve a golden tan in the sun. If not, go for tanning lotions instead. 

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