Is it Safe To Use Tanning Oil in a Tanning Bed?

Over time, tanning has become more than a hobby, it has become the center of attention in the fashion and beauty world. If you ask any professional tanning salon, they will advise against using tanning oil in a tanning bed. 

A few unlucky people have seen the effects of oil on a tanning bed and believe us, they are not good. So if you are new to tanning, you may be wondering if it is safe to use oil in the bed or not.

The simple and quick answer is that you should absolutely avoid using tanning oil in a bed. Let us try to explain why.

Why You Should Not Use Tanning Oil in a Tanning bed

First of all, it is important to know what these oils are made with. A tanning oil typically contains:

  • L-Tyrosine – it is an amino acid that converts to protein. It oils, it is used so that it can convert into melanin by the help of some nutrients like vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, and copper. This ingredient is usually found in all oils.
  • Melanin – it is a pigment that your skin naturally produces and it gives the skin its color. The pigment is produced so that your skin can be protected from being sun-burnt. The more of this pigment is produced, the darker your skin gets. When you are exposed to ultraviolet rays, it is naturally produced but with a tanning oil or lotion, the production is usually accelerated.
  • Copper – Copper is added to these products to help convert L-tyrosine into melanin
  • Mineral oils – these are the main components of the product. It helps the skin absorb more UV rays than it normally does on its own. On the other hand, these oils are the only component that makes these products unusable in tanning beds.

How Does Tanning Beds Work?

  • An individual lies on the bed made of glass which helps them get an even tan. Within the bed, the UV rays surround you and the glass helps imitate the sun and helps trigger melanin production in your skin. 

But why isn’t the glass or your skin affected by the heat produced from the bed? It is because it is lined with acrylic that not only protects you but also protects the glass within the bed. It is the reason why the glass doesn’t shatter after being put through so much pressure.

How Does Tanning Oil Damage the Tanning Bed?

  • Since these products contain mineral oils, they can prove to damage the equipment. The oils can degrade the acrylic lining of the bed which can damage it and the repair costs are usually very high.

On average, any given tanning bed can produce 1000 hours before going bad, but if a drop of mineral oil touches the acrylic layer, it not only reduces the life of the bed but will also make it unsafe to use. 

So this is why you should avoid using tanning oils in tanning beds. A good alternative is using tanning lotions which are designed for indoor tanning and will never damage your skin or the bed. Shop for these now on our store today. 

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