The Top 3 Jwoww Tanning Lotions For Summer 2019


As the summer reaches its peak, nearly every girl out there will want a bronzy glow on their body. Whether you like to burn rather than tan, or just want to add an extra bit of depth to skin color, the JWoww tanning lotion line is the best out there. It’s free from harmful side effects of prolonged sun exposure but provides you with the same great glowing look you would otherwise naturally get from sitting in the sun.

Since not all tanning lotions are created equal, anyone who has tried a tanning lotion in the past knows how different skin colors ranging from splotchy orange, to stunningly bronze literally comes down to the quality of the tanning lotion and its application. Knowing how to pick the best application, as well as finding the best tanning lotion can help you avoid the dreaded bad tanning experience.

JWoww Tanning Lotions – The Best in the Industry

  • The JWoww tanning lotion line from Australian Gold has so many options to pick from that it can easily confuse anyone. Whether you are looking for a natural glow or an extra dark formula, there is a tanning lotion available from this line to suit your individual needs. With just a little bit of exfoliation before applying the lotion and the occasional help from a lotion application booster, you can achieve the best-bronzed look every time you want.
  • Most indoor tanning lotions provide you with the basic and luxury options that go well above $150 depending largely on the quality, brand name, and quantity of the product. But a good tanning lotion doesn’t have to be extremely pricey. The JWoww tanning lotions were designed from the ground up to cater to the needs of every individual with a price tag that they can easily afford.

If you’re looking for an excellent tanning lotion with great results and a price you can easily pay for, try some of the lotions available from Australian Gold under the JWoww tanning lotions brand.

Here are our top 3 picks from the brand.

jwoww-black-bronzerJWoww Black Bronzer

  • The JWoww Black Bronzer is more than just a typical tanning lotion. It has a variety of potent ingredients that create an overwhelmingly dark and gorgeous tan, at the same time providing your skin with numerous other benefits. The black bronzer combines DHA, propriety walnut shell blend, Monoi de Tahiti, and caramel to give you a super dark, bronzed color look which is probably darker than any other lotion provides in the JWoww tanning lotion range.

In addition to tanning ingredients, the JWoww Black Bronzer is also jam-packed with luxurious skin loving ingredients which leave your skin smooth and pampered after use. The ingredients that make up this lotion include black currant oil, sunflower oil, kukui nut oil, and more. As a result, the lotion not only hydrates your skin and bronze it up, but it will also improve the overall texture of the skin and will leave you feeling smooth and sexy.

Pros –

  • Affordable price meant for use as a mid-range option and one of the most cost-effective lotions in the entire JWoww product line
  • Gets you an extremely dark color payoff, ideal for individuals who want a very dramatic bronzy glow
  • An excellent option for anyone who wants to create a nice base tan

Cons –

  • The lotion may produce undesirable effects on sensitive skin

Jwoww-one-and-done-intensifierJWoww One and Done Intensifier

  • Another excellent lotion from the JWoww indoor tanning line is the One and Done Intensifier. This lotion can be used with or without the original product, but it will largely depend on the shade of color you are aiming for. The intensifier is good enough to produce a dark payoff on its own, but when it is combined with the original One and Done tanning lotion, it will give you a crazy bronze look. Thanks to the lotion, you can now get an incredibly natural looking tan that will probably make your friends, family, and colleagues think that you just came from a long vacation on the beach.

There is one more thing that sets this lotion apart from its competition. It features the ink-drink complex formulation. This is a vitamin-rich formulation that is designed to preserve and protect the look of tattoos and prevents them from fading or being impacted by the skin changes that immediately come after UV exposure. There are other ingredients within the formula too which makes it a perfect tanning lotion. These ingredients include tyrosine, a well-known ingredient that not only increases the production of melanin in the skin to help create a deeper, darker tan but also has skin softening qualities. The lotion also makes good use of shea butter and vitamin E. Similar to many other lotions from the brand, the One and Done intensifier has a yogurt base which will help soothe your skin and improve the look and feel of it.

Pros –

  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Gives you a very natural, but dark bronzed payoff
  • Gentle on the skin
    Protects any tattoos from fading thanks to its Ink-dark complex

Cons –

  • Does not have a bronzer in it, the color will naturally develop but will take some time
  • The fragrance of the lotion changes over time

jwoww-mad-hot-tingle-bronzerJWoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer

  • The JWoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer is one of the most unique tanning lotions you’ll find out there thanks to its unusual tanning process. The ingredients inside the tanning lotion create reddening in the skin. While this may scare some people, it is simply a result of increased blood flow in the skin that creates this reddening effect.
  • When you apply the tingle bronzer, it makes the skin more susceptible to tanning agents like DHA and other popular bronzing agents. This act also creates a tingling sensation, thus the lotion name. But be warned, the tingle sensation can be intense if you particularly have very sensitive skin. In other words, the tingling sensation will vary from one individual to another. You may feel it, or you may not feel it.

But as far as the tingling goes, it is so much worth it once you learn that even the hardest skins that don’t tan easily with traditional products can achieve good results with this lotion.

This lotion contains melanin, tyrosine, and other natural bronzers. When all of these are combined together, they produce an amazingly dark payoff. There are also many other ingredients in the lotion that help sooth the skin while creating a bronzed effect. The lotion is made with a propriety yogurt base and has other ingredients such as Shea butter, Vitamin E, pear, black currant oil and more. These ingredients make sure your skin is hydrated well so its overall texture is improved.

Pros –

  • Very affordable option
  • Gives an intense color payoff
  • Excellent for those who have not achieved results with traditional bronzers
  • Light Scent

Cons –

  • Can cause extreme tingling, burning, and redness depending on the skin sensitivity
  • Avoid at all cost if your skin is allergic


The JWoww line of bronzers and intensifiers are excellent products. These lotions are jam-packed with beneficial ingredients that pamper your skin all the while giving you that perfectly glowing and bronzed look. All of the products in the JWoww line of tanning lotions are not only affordable but at times also more effective than most luxury tanning lotions out there. Make sure to give them a try if you’ve previously had trouble with tanning.

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