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Supre LoveStruck Ultra Bronze Tanning Accelerator

LoveStruck Ultra Bonze Accelerator 10 oz

LoveStruck Ultra Bonze Accelerator 10 oz

Size: 10 oz

Smooth silicone blend coupled with tan accelerators and melanin activators for dazzling dark results. Anti oxidant rich formula offers age defying and skinfirming benefits along with sheer moisturization for skin that glows. Enhances the skin's natural tanning level by adding bronzing agents and self tanners to the skin giving immediate and lasting tanning results as well as additional added color.

* A flirtatious blend of 3 dark tanning accelerators that produce ultra dark results for the ultimate golden, beautiful tan.
* Glimmer Glow Skin Firming Conditioners combine Milk Protein, Caffeine, and Algae Extract to help skin appear firm and toned, while giving it a luminous glow.
* 4 Part Silicone Blend balances moisture and helps provide a protective barrier to the skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky, and smooth.
* An Antioxidant rich bouquet of delicate flower extracts and vitamins A, C, and E provide age defying benefits and hydration. 

Floral Romance Fragrance

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