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Fiesta Sun Passion Fruit Tini Tingle Tanning Lotion Level 3 Tanning Lotion

Passion Fruit Tini Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion 12.5 oz

Passion Fruit Tini Hot Bronzer Tanning Lotion 12.5 oz

Size: 12.5 oz

10 Shots of Sizzle

10 Shots of Bronzer

Intimately hot, steamy and seductive not for the faint of heart. Combining stain and streak‐ free bronzers with the come‐hither experience of, OptiGlow, skin stimulation intense microcirculation complex. You skins thirst with be drenched in this pure blend of moisture rich Extra Virgin Olive Oil fortified with vitamins A, C & E along with SunGlow, Anti‐aging complex, that helps protect and renew your natural skin tone leaving it feeling and looking radiantly healthy.

Passion Fruit Tini The Flame Burns Forever and A Day!

Delicious Passion Fruit Medley Fragrance

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