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Supre Secret Crush - Dark Tan Maximizer

Secret Crush Maximizer 8 oz

Secret Crush Maximizer 8 oz

Size: 8 oz

Dark Tan Maximizer Silky, Smooth Silicones and MagnaColor Tanning Technology Are you ready to reveal your Secret Crush?

This advanced darkening formula with MagnaColor technology delivers captivating tanning results they won’t be able to resist, while smoothing silicones leave your skin lusciously soft and powdery to the touch

Exclusive, lightweight Silicone blend leaves skin feeling silky, smooth and soft. Vitamin and Extract Blend helps provide intense moisture to hydrate and protect skin. Carob extract helps boost the natural tanning process for a longer lasting tan..

Who knows? With your deep, dark tan someone might have a crush on you?

Velvet Berry Fragrance

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