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Ultimate Inferno World's Strongest Tingle Lotion - 11 oz.

Ultimate INFERNO Strong Intensity Tingle Lotion 11 oz

Ultimate INFERNO Strong Intensity Tingle Lotion 11 oz

Size: 11oz

World's Strongest Tingle Lotion with Extreme Critical Intensity Ultra Tingle.

Formula increases blood flow and tanning cell activity., Collagen Based, Tyrosine Complex, Copper, Unipertan and Carrot Seed Oil * Skin firming, antiaging and complexion balancing formula features  Algae, CoQ10, Caffeine, Collagen, Soy, Seaweed, Caviar Extract, Oyster Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C Vitamin E & Vitamin K.

Ingredients include: Aloe Vera, French Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Cocoa Extract, Wild Cherry Extract, Sesame Oil, Chamomile Extract, White Birch Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Shea Butter, Silk and Botanical Extracts.

Fragrance: Hot Passion

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