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Australian Gold Accelerator Tanning lotion

Australian Gold Accelerator

Australian Gold Accelerator

Size: 8.5 oz

Get your base tan the perfect dark shade in no time with the Australian Gold Dark Tanning ACCELERATOR Lotion. The formula contains a blend of exotic natural oils derived from plants and herbs found only in Australia. When applied to the skin, the formula gives the melaninproducing cells in the tissue a wakeup call, allowing them to start manufacturing pigment the moment UV exposure begins in the tanning bed.

Incredibly effective natural bronzing complex turns up the volume on your tanning results and also lessens the harmful impact of tanning on your skin. The product contains Australian Gold's Biosine complex and vitamins A and E, which limit cellular damage from UV.

In addition, the lotion gives the skin a burst of moisture, effectively preventing tanningrelated dehydration and irritation.

NEW Enriched with Vitmain A & E with native oils.


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Australian Gold Accelerator Packet
We also offer individual Packets for this product.

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