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Devoted Creations HIM Hydrating Intense Moisturizer For Men - 12 oz.

H.I.M Moisturizer

H.I.M Moisturizer

Size: 12 oz

Hydrating Intense Moisturizer For Men

Nothing sexier than a man that has great younger looking skin...Just as women do, Men should keep a skincare regime of moisturizing at least twice a day as proper skin care is essential for the present and the future. H.I.M utilizes essential vitamins and butter specifically for a man's skin. Antioxidants A, C and E are highly beneficial to the skin's elasticity and protection from every day living. The addition of CoQ10 will help neutralize harmful free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging. Fragrance: Angelic Amber. Product Actions: Skin Firming, Skin Moisturizer. Product Specs: 12 US fl. oz. (360mL) pump bottle

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