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Supre True Love And Sparkle Tanning Lotion 12 oz.

True Love and Sparkles

True Love and Sparkles

Size: 12 oz

Be prepared to fall in love with beautiful dark rich color that will leave you longing for more with True Love & Sparkles.

This passionately dark bronzing formula kisses your skin with instant color while tan maximizers and Infatuation Hydration leave your skin irresistibly soft and dazzling dark with happily everlasting color. Natural streakfree bronzers allow skin to further darken after UV exposure for a deeper, darker, longerlasting, healthier looking tan.

Dark Tanning Complex is designed to stimulate melanin synthesis for a deeper, darker, natural looking tan. Infatuation Hydration with Sweet Almond Milk and Honeysuckle Extract helps condition and nourish for healthier looking skin. IllumiLast Tan Extenders combine Honey Dew, Coffee Bean Extract and Tyrosine to help prevent color fading and prolong the life of your tan. Advanced Silicone Blend contains innovative skin conditioners to lock moisture into the skin, leaving it incredibly smooth, soft, and silky.

Paraben Free

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