Top 5 Millennium Tanning Lotions in 2020

Looking for the most reliable and trustworthy tanning lotion products? You may be pleased to hear that we have just the kind of recommendation. If you’ve been struggling to find a good tanning lotion to get quick and good results, then have a look at the Millennium tanning lotions.

Millennium tanning products have always strived to maintain a standard of quality and excellence that has pleased and amazed millions of people around the world. Their tanning bed formulas contain premium ingredients including high-end moisturizers and rare natural ingredients.

Millennium as a brand has always produced products that are superior in nature. With their unique packaging and formulas that produce long-lasting results, you can’t go wrong with this brand of tanning lotions. 

Since the brand has many products, it can easily get quite confusing for someone who is new to tanning. We have made this list to help you pick the best Millennium tanning lotion in 2020. All of the products in this list have been approved by our customers. 

Millennium Solid Black

Buy Millennium Solid Black ($34.95)

  • Millennium’s Solid Black is without any doubt one of the most popular tanning lotions from the company. It has a blend of intense bronzers and ultra-high quality moisturizers to give you an immediate dark and black tan. 

The tanning lotion is described by the company as having a 100x auto-darkening tan enhancer in a silicone emulsion. It also comes with an Orchid Blush fragrance that will instantly win your heart.

Features of Solid Black tanning lotion

  • Orchid Blush fragrance
  • Auto-darkening tan technology
  • Tan enhancer, silicone bronzer
  • Ultra advanced 100x silicone bronzer

Millennium Paint it Black

Buy Millennium Paint it Black ($29.95)

  • Paint it Black by Millennium is another tanning lotion from the brand that has won a lot of hearts around the globe. It delivers an extreme dark bronze tan through its super luxurious silicone emulsion blend.

The millennium tanning lotion will give you an experience you will never forget thanks to its spectacular dark tan color results and ultra miniaturization that lasts long. The tanning lotion is suitable for all kinds of skin tones and ages. 

Millennium Paint it Black Hemp

Buy Millennium Paint it Black Hemp ($29.95)

  • The Paint it Black Hemp is the altered version of the most popular tanning lotion from the brand. The only difference is that it is infused with hemp seed oil, hence giving the lotion extra skin enhancing qualities.

The lotion has a unique ultra auto-darkening technology that will give you an extremely dark bronze tan through its luxurious hemp seed oil emulsion blend. 

  • The product will give you a stunning dark tan and an ultra-miniaturization that will last for the entire day. All of the customers who have used this tanning product have said that it smells great and produces results fast.

Millennium Black Storm

Buy Millennium Black Storm ($29.95)

The Black Storm tanning lotion contains 60x Auto-darkening tan technology from the company. It has an extreme silicone bronzer at its base which is infused with Acai oil that boasts ten times more antioxidants than other bases. It provides numerous benefits to the user.

Features of Black Storm

  • Bronzer
  • Silicone
  • Firms the skin
  • Tan enhancer
  • 60x Auto-darkening technology
  • Fruity Honey Suckle fragrance
  • Large quantity

Millennium Paint it Beyond Black

Buy Millennium Paint it Beyond Black ($29.75)

  • The Paint it Beyond Black has 100 xxx auto-darkening tan technology which is 2 times more than the strongest tanning lotion from Millennium. It is the strongest and most powerful tanning lotion from the company.

It is suitable for people who wish to have a very dark tan and want to maintain that tan for as long as they can. It has a majestic plum fragrance that will please anyone that comes near you. Furthermore, it is suitable for most skin types and ages.

  • Just make sure to follow the instructions on how to apply the lotion for the best results. 


Finding the best tanning lotion is tough these days. You have to read the product information and understand what each tanning lotion provides in its formula. Hopefully, this guide will help you pick a tanning lotion that will provide you with the results you’ve always wanted.

Try one of these tanning lotions today by either buying the full bottle version or a sample packet. Once you have found the tanning lotion that works for you, don’t forget to use it regularly and consistently until you get the results you seek. 

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