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Solid_Black.-lotionWith the summers fast approaching, a lot of you who look after your physical appearance will be either sitting in the sun or going to your nearest tanning salons to get that perfect golden complexion to show off on the beach. While tanning salons and sunbathing are both viable solutions to get the perfect skin hue you desire, both of them have their disadvantages.

Let’s look at sunbathing first. Sunbathing is probably the most cost-effective but actually quite the worst way to get tanned. If your skin has a pale complexion, be prepared to see a lot of sunburn and redness on your skin. Some times the damage from the sun is so much that you may even see blisters appearing on your skin.

Now if I’m not wrong, none of you want that kind of a bad experience, especially when summers are just around the corner right? Now let’s look at the other popular way of getting tanned, salons. Tanning beds are a good way to get a tan but once again, there are problems with this method if you have sensitive skin. The rays from the tanning bed can create a lot of allergic reactions on the skin. And not to mention, this method is actually quite expensive. Have you ever wondered how much spending an hour in a tanning bed costs? You’ll be shocked when you hear the actual cost.

Now let me bring you to a third way which is both safer and affordable. In fact, this third way is so easy that you can do it yourself at home. I am talking about tanning lotions. If you’re looking for a natural bronze that will not only leave your skin feeling smooth, radiant, supple, and soft, but also protects it from damage, then you might want to try out the new Millenium tanning Solid Black Bronzer tanning lotion. This is one of the best selling lotions from the company that promises to give you the perfect hue you are after without damaging your skin unlike sunbathing.

I recently tried the lotion myself and here is my detailed review.

Consistency and Feel of Solid Black Tanning Lotion

  • When I tried the Solid Black Tanning lotion for the first time, I instantly realized that this isn’t unlike anything you find out there. This is a non-greasy quick way to get a tan you want. It ensures that the application is even on your skin for fast and excellent results. On top of that, the lotion also leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple, glowing, and radiant immediately after use.


  • If you’ve ever used a tanning lotion before, you know exactly how bad these can smell. But thanks to technological advancements and innovation, many companies have found a way to make their tanning lotions smell beautiful.

Speaking of good scents, the Solid Black Tanning lotion by Millenium has a pleasant orchid smell that will make you feel heavenly. This lovely smell sets the lotion apart from its competition and it feels great compared to any other lotion I have tried in the past. It gives you a very subtle and natural scent after usage.


One of the biggest complaints of people who use tanning lotions is that applying these lotions is probably the toughest job. Since you’ll be applying it on your entire body, there is a very good chance that some areas will appear differently after you have applied it. This is usually because most lotions do not have the right consistency to keep the skin tone even on all parts of the body.

The Solid Black tanning lotion on the other hand very quickly disperses on your skin and covers the entire body easily. It is also very easy to apply since it spreads evenly. And on top of that, the lotion also quickly dries up allowing you to get out of your home-made tanning bed and go and do whatever you want to do. Don’t worry if you see any lotion build-up on your body because this is just a natural part of tanning with lotions.

The Pros and Cons of Solid Black Tanning Lotion

Just like any other tanning lotion out there, the Solid Black also has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Let me cover them one by one.

Pros –

● It has an excellent fragrance and leaves your skin feeling soft and supple
● This is a non-greasy lotion hence it does not leave any streaks behind
● The lotion provides you with pleasant golden brown hues without any orange streaks left behind.

Cons –

● The lotion is provided in limited quantity only
● The price may be higher for some
● It can stain the hands and dry off quickly
● It can build-up on the skin. Make sure you evenly apply it on your body

Features and Specifications

The Solid Black tanning lotion utilizes a proprietary blend to provide 100x ultra darkening tan which helps to give you intense dark results within the shortest period of time possible. It has many other qualities that you won’t otherwise find in other typical lotions in departmental stores.

The fragrance is my favorite part of this lotion since I really have a sensitive nose and don’t enjoy the chemical-infused smell of many tanning lotions out there. Since it has a very natural fragrance, even I can apply it comfortably and enjoy the entire session without blocking my nose.

The lotion also has a mixture of many potent natural ingredients that provide moisturization to the skin and helps protect it from free radical damage from the environment. Some of these great ingredients include oleifera leaf extract, camellia, banana extract, oleracea fruit oil, pecan seed oil, walnut, and sunflower oil.

Solid Black Tanning Lotion Results

As far as the results go, I am pretty happy with the hue I got after I used it for a couple of days. When you apply the lotion for the first time, make sure that you let it soak and you will see some color on the skin because it works really fast.

People who have natural golden skin complexion will really love this lotion because it gives a visible color difference in a very short time. Most people will see a difference in skin color within two to three sessions after application.

The Design and Look of the Bottle

Although not important, sometimes the design and overall look of the bottle speaks volumes about the product. As it turns out, the Black Solid Tanning lotion comes in a bottle that gives off instant premium vibes. It has a cross sign on the front with beautiful swirls and has Solid Black printed in white letters.


The Solid Black tanning lotion by Millennium acts so fast that you’ll simply be going to fall in love with it after using it for the first time. Since it has many natural ingredients, you won’t even have to worry about the many side effects that come with other typical lotions out there.

If however, you have hypersensitive skin, I still recommend working with your dermatologist to figure out how you can effectively apply the lotion with other products to reduce any unnecessary problems. The lotion is super consistent and I guarantee that you’ll get one of the finest tans you’ve ever seen.

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