•  Devoted Creations OPALESCENT Optimizer 12.25 oz
Light Defusing Micro Pearls + Holographic Electrolyte Cocktail

Opalescent’s hyperreflective, dimensioncreating, skin luminizer is formulated for the most discerning client that demands a getnoticedglow! Our revolutionary 4K blend will soften, focus and illuminate to transform fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a more tightened and smooth appearance. The reflective radiance of our light defusing micro pearls work to refract light while creating powdery soft transparent coverage to filter out skins imperfections for a more refined appearance to the skin. This holographic Electrolyte Blend is rich in antioxidants and powerful humectants which are vital to quench the skin and maintain ample hydration levels, improve the skins barrier strength and help to protect against daily environmental dehydration. If you are ready to light up your complexion with skin as flawless as your favorite filter… we know you will obsess over opalescent.

  • Bronzer Free Light Defusing Optimizer
  • Electrolyte Cocktail
  • Holographic Diamond & Pearl microspheres
  • 4K Hydraperfecting Base
  • Green Clay
  • Indoor/Outdoor Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting
  • Imperfection Blurring
Opal Essence Fragrance

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Devoted Creations OPALESCENT Optimizer 12.25 oz

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