Why am I not Getting Darker in the Tanning Bed?

Get Darker in the Tanning Bed

You love the look of beautiful, sun-kissed skin. There are a few options available for getting a perfect tan at any time of year, and spending time in the tanning bed is often considered the best one. When you step into the tanning bed, you have one goal on your mind: to get dark. 

Tanning beds certainly have their pros and cons. When you use a tanning bed, you should try to maximize your efficiency in tanning, and minimize your exposure to artificial light. The quicker you can achieve the dark hue you’re looking for, the less time you’ll need to spend in the tanning bed. The only problem is… you’re not getting darker. How frustrating! Why is this?

Why You Are Not Getting Darker in the Tanning Bed

There’s several reasons why this may be happening. The good news is that they all can be remedied pretty quickly to get you back on the road to a deep, dark tan. Here’s why you may not be getting as dark as you’d like to be:

#1 You’re not using tanning lotion.

You are wasting your time by going without lotion! Going in without tanning lotions means you’re not making the most out of your tanning session. It will take longer to get the deep tan you’re looking for, and you’ll be doing additional and unneeded damage to your skin in the process. One of the benefits of using tanning lotion in an indoor tanning bed is that it helps the skin stay hydrated. According to a study on tanning lotions conducted by the American Tanning Institute, “Indoor tanning products showed a statistically significant enhancement from the baseline for both tan-ability and moisturization.” That’s great news, because that’s what you’re looking for! 

#2 You’re not exfoliating beforehand.

The topmost layer of the skin is what’s most affected in the process of tanning. It’s also a waste of time to tan skin that’s about the shed right off. This is why it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin before tanning. Getting all of that dead skin off is an efficient way to tan, because you’re setting the color on new skin instead.

#3 You’re not moisturizing afterwards.

Don’t forget the moisturizer for after your tanning session is over! Moist skin holds a tan better and the tan lasts longer. You’ll be able to further build on the base color during your next tanning sessions, working your way towards the deep tan you’re looking for. Ideally, you should choose a moisturizer that includes an after-tan extender. This Coast Tan Extender is one of our favorites!

#4 You’ve reached your tan plateau. 

Everyone has a limit to how dark they can get. If you’re following the rest of the rules and not getting any darker, you may have reached yours. If you’re simply not happy with the hue, you do still have a few options. This includes choosing a tanning lotion with bronzer, like the California Tan De.Fine Bronzer, or even opting for a spray tan instead.

By following this advice, you’re sure to be happier with the dark tan you’re able to achieve!

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