• Designer Skin Super Nova Packet
Prepare yourself for an out-of-this world, supersonic experience! Like glitter in the sky, stars can’t shine without the darkness and Astronomical 100X Luminous Stellar Bronzer delivers a colorful explosion of dark results that let you outshine entire galaxies. Trace your way through the constellations as Cosmic Lunar Lavishment and Crystal Clear Complex deliver unbelievable skincare results for a radiant afterglow. Encounter extraordinarily soft skin that transcends the dimensions of time and space with Celestial Silk Touch. You’re a once-in-a-lifetime shooting star, so shine like the whole universe is watching with Super Nova.

•    100X Bronzer
•    High DHA, High Cosmetic and High Natural Bronzers
•    Designed for Experienced DHA Tanners
•    Limited Edition/Quantities
•    Deluxe Silicones
•    ATO Inhibitor
•    No Added Aloe, Hemp, Gluten, Parabens, or Soy
•    Cruelty-Free
•    Fragrance: Pink Stardust – Pink Pearl Apple, Violet Leaf, Strawberry, Rose, Caramel, Amber & Musk
•    Extremely Dark Brown Lotion Color

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Designer Skin Super Nova Packet

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