•  Champagne Stardust 400X Bronzer Packet

400X Double Shot Instant Bronzer
Champagne & Peptide Shimmer nova

Mirror the dark mystique of the stars and shimmer of the night sky. Never one to fade into the background, you become the center of the universe when you enter the room. Despite your ostentatious arrival you still exude a beautiful elegance, as the light ever so delicately dances off your skin with a bronze radiance that eclipses all others around you.  

  • 400X Double Shot bronzing is finally the darkness you crave
  • A Glamorous Nano Shimmer nova utilizes new shimmer tech for an ultra elegant glow
  • Champagne Extracts & Peptides infuse skin with a beautiful look & feel

Fragrance: Champagne & Pomegranate Petal

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Champagne Stardust 400X Bronzer Packet

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