Here are The Best Positions to Lay in a Tanning Bed for an Even Tan

It’s really shocking to know that many people don’t think about the perfect tanning bed positions. This lack of knowledge leads to an uneven and ugly tan that will leave your confidence shattered.

So tanners, if you are gearing up for a beautiful summer tan by visiting a salon near you with your favorite tanning lotion, know about your laying positions! Laying positions are extremely important to achieve an even and beautiful tan.

We have listed down the perfect positions for you. These positions guarantee that you’ll get the most epic tan of your life without missing any part of your body.

Why Laying Position in Tanning Bed Matters?

  • If you don’t properly position yourself in a tanning bed, you’ll not only achieve uneven results, but your safety may be at risk too. By using the right positions, you will eliminate any risk of damages to your skin and eyes.

You’ll also get even tanning, avoid tan lines, prevent raccoon eyes, avoid butt circles and moons.

Perfect Tanning Bed Laying Positions for an Even Tan

  • Here’s how to make sure that every part of your body braces the tan. 

Legs and Thighs

  • Lay with your head flat and upward with most of your inner thighs not exposed to the light from the bed. It isn’t easy to get all parts of your legs and thighs tanned in a single position, so make sure to toss and turn a little. 

For the best results, pick your legs up while you are laying and bend your knees a little to allow the heel of your feet to touch the surface of the bed. When you lay on your stomach, you can use your toes to keep your legs and thighs from coming in contact with the bed.


  • Place your feet in an upright position making sure that only the hind of your feet is in contact with the bed. It is also important to strain and stretch your feet when you are focusing on this part.


  • For the best results, lay flat on your stomach. This part of your body is easy to tan because it is large in size and it will automatically be exposed to the UV light of the bed.


  • Buttocks are very hard to tan as opposed to general opinion. You can get butt moons if you are not careful with how you position yourself. This is usually because of overlapping buttock skin that can cover your thighs and some area.

You will get butt circles if you spend too much time laying on your back. So make sure to flip on your belly with calculated intervals. Lay flat on your belly and try to flex your hips for the best results.


  • To tan this part, you’ll have to lay flat on your back and open your legs apart. The ideal position is to make an acute angle with the legs so that the UV light reaches this area evenly. 

Many people don’t use tanning lotions on the groin area and that is perfectly fine. However, if you want the best results, it is recommended to use a tanning lotion that is safe for your skin in this area. 

Neck and Shoulders

  • Neck and shoulders can be quite troublesome to tan if you do not follow the proper positions. For example, women usually have problems with their hair getting in the way. So make sure that you tie your hair in a bun before going in the tanning bed.

Your shoulders need to be constantly in contact with the UV light. For that, you’ll have to lay flat on your belly and prop your chin up by using your hands. This will achieve perfect results every time.

Chest and Belly

  • You’ll have to lay flat on your back to get your chest and belly beautifully tanned. There’s nothing more to it. Just make sure to apply a good tanning lotion for even results.


  • Lay on your back and make sure you wear tanning goggles so that the UV rays don’t damage your eyes. Some people get raccoon eyes which is usually due to wearing the goggles in the wrong way.

We recommend adjusting the goggles throughout your session to avoid raccoon eyes. 

With these tanning bed laying positions, you’ll get the most beautiful and even tan of your life. 

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