7 Products to Avoid When Spray Tanning

As the industry leader in tanning and tanning products, we often get questions from people hoping to get the most from their tanning sessions. One we receive probably more than any other is “Are there any ingredients or products I should avoid when spray tanning?” The answer is a resounding yes! There are certainly products you should avoid if you want the best possible results. We’ll tell you exactly what they are so you don’t have to make any mistakes before your next tanning session.

#1 Some cleansers

Dove shower gel or soap, as well as Oil of Olay Cleansers, have been known to coat the skin. This causes uneven tanning, no color, poor fade, patchy fade. Instead of these, use a transparent, non moisturizing gel cleanser.

#2 Moisturizing lotion not made for tanning

Curel and Dove moisturizing lotion causes rapid fading on some clients. Not all moisturizers are problematic, of course. Regular moisturizing can be very beneficial to your tan, but products you use, and how they are used, can vastly alter the results. We encourage you to use products available on our website that are made specifically for aiding your tan.

#3 Hair Inhibiting body lotion products

Anything you put on your skin will affect your results. These can over dry skin or cause tan yellowing. Soy containing lotions seem to be more likely to cause tan yellowing.

#4 Anti-aging products 

A product that says it can “renew,” “refresh,” or “brighten” your skin is simply exfoliating the skin. This removes the tanned dead skin cells on the skin surface and means your tan doesn’t last as long as it otherwise would.

#5 Abrasive scrub products

For the same reason as was listed above, these products remove your tan quicker than you will want. You will scrub off the loose surface skin, which is where the tan has developed. This can lighten your tan or make it scaly, patchy, or uneven. 

#6 Makeup remover

Makeup remover cleaning products or oils used to clean away eye makeup can fade your tan. This is because the top layer of skin is being removed right along with the makeup. Not all oils are damaging, and it depends on the oils types and how they are used within the product.

#7 Certain medications

Medications that alter skin climate, skin dryness, or skin exfoliation rate can all impact how a tan wears and how quickly it fades. Even medication taken orally can impact your overall skin health. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medication to see how it will affect your skin.

As a quick note, this is not an exhaustive list. This is not 100% accurate for every person, but instead a basic, general guide of things that typically cause problems for many spray tanning clients. You may find that these items do not create a problem for you, which is great! Everyone’s skin is different, which means everyone’s journey to rich, deeply-tanned skin is slightly different as well. The best way to find your perfect tanning products is to experiment! This is precisely why we offer tanning product sample packets on our website. Try one, a few, or all of them!

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