Standing Vs. Laying Tanning Beds – 5 Key Differences to Know

Have you recently entered the world of tanning with the desire to obtain the perfect golden brown tan? As someone new to this, it is really important to learn the difference between standing and lay down tanning beds.

Both offer different key features that can change the way you tan and get the desired results. In this post, we’ll list down the 5 key differences between the two kinds of tanning booths and reveal which one is better at the end.

But before we begin, here is a quick tip. Both lay down and standing beds require you to use tanning bed lotions to get the best results. Check our store for the newest lotions of 2020.

The Key Differences Between a Lay Down and Standing Tanning Booth

You’ve come to the right place if you’re confused between the two tanning booths. Depending on the area you live, tanning salons either offer a standing or laying bed, or both. But which one should you pick?

These key differences may help you decide.

The intensity of the UV Rays

  • If you’re looking to get tanned as quickly as possible, you may want to use a standing tanning booth. Typically, lay down booths are equipped with 100-120 watts bulbs as opposed to 160 watts bulbs in a standing booth.

With more power in the bulbs, you can get results quicker. But that does not mean that you’ll get the best results if the power is more. Read on to figure out why the intensity of the bed isn’t the only important factor in achieving a perfect golden brown tan.

Equal and Even Coverage

  • As a tanning enthusiast, when I use either of the beds or go out in the sun to get tanned, I want even and equal results. No one is happy with streaks and uneven tan. Lay down tanning beds may not yield even results if you are not in the proper position.

Usually, the shoulders and the buttock area are left behind when you are laying down and it requires different postures to obtain the perfectly even tan.

  • As opposed to laying down, standing up can yield better even results because you are standing with your arms held high. Your entire body is exposed to the rays this way. So if you’re looking for perfect results, try the standing booth.

Session Time

  • As we already discussed that standing booths have higher intensity bulbs, you’ll have to spend less time in that booth to get the results you need. However, higher intensity also means that your skin may not find it too friendly.

Experiment with both booths before choosing the right one. If your skin is able to endure high-intensity UV rays, then you can stand instead of laying down for quicker results and shorter sessions.

Face Tanning

  • Vertical tanning booths do not have facial tanning units as opposed to laying down beds which are equipped with special units that help tan the face better. 

In case you do not want your face to be tanned as much as your body, then use a stand-up tanning bed. Otherwise, you can use the lay-down bed for better tanning results on the face.


  • Comfort is often the deciding factor for many people who want to get tanned in a booth. Obviously, when you are lying down, you are more comfortable as opposed to standing with your arms held high.

If you want to relax while your body gets tanned, it is better to use a tanning bed.

From the above key differences, you should be able to pick the best option for your skin. In the end, it all comes down to your comfort level and how quickly you want to become tanned. 

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