Do Tanning Lotions Work on Pale Skin?

Tanning Lotion for Pale Skin

Just because you weren’t blessed to be born with naturally-tan skin doesn’t mean you’re totally out of luck. Men and women who are fair-skinned can still achieve the golden glow they’re looking for, as long as they are careful. However, it does mean that you are not able to achieve a tan the same way that darker skin types would. Follow a few pieces of expert advice and your pale skin will be a beautiful shade of golden brown in no time!

#1 Don’t let yourself burn! This tip is listed first, because it should be the number one thing you remember. A sunburn does major damage to your skin and dries it out, creating the need to let your skin heal while it is flaking and peeling. The tan you’ve been working so hard to achieve peels right off with the top layer of your skin, taking you back at square one when it comes to establishing a tan. Not to mention, it’s painful and it increases your risk of developing skin cancer.

#2 Increase your tanning times gradually. The best course of action for people with pale skin to build their tan is to go slowly. If you try to rush it, you’ll find yourself staying out too long and letting your skin get too much sun too fast. You will then burn, peel, stay out of the sun or tanning bed, and be right back to where you started.

#3 Don’t think your tan will appear right away. Too many people get caught up in the idea that they must tan until they reach their desired color. This leads to staying out in the sun or being in the tanning bed too long, and too often. Your color will continue to darken for a few hours after you are finished tanning. You may not reach your intended color immediately after your tanning session, so give it a little time. If you’re still not there, try a little more time tomorrow if you haven’t let your skin burn. Slow and steady is the way to go!

#4 Always apply lotion! Some people with pale skin believe that by skipping the lotion, their tan is going to be achieved faster and deeper. This is wrong, and harmful for your skin as well.

You want to use a tanning lotion that will increase your tan at the same it protects your skin. You can do this by using products that contain hydrating ingredients and antioxidants, like White 2 Black Coconut Bronzer and Devoted Creations Bourbon and Honey Ultra Rich Moisturizer. This ultrarich hydrating formula is muddled with wheat, rye, and honey extracts to tighten, tone and fight the signs of aging. It deeply rehydrates dry and damaged skin, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Yes, you can use tanning lotion and achieve the tan you are looking for- as long as you go slow and don’t get too impatient. Achieving the tan skin you’re looking for is a marathon, not a sprint!

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