Top 5 Best Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions in 2019

There are literally hundreds of tanning lotions to pick from. The sheer number of options you have today can easily confuse you and you may end up buying the wrong lotion. To help you pick the best lotion, we have created a list of recommended lotions.

In this post, we will be focusing on Ed Hardy tanning lotions. The tanning lotion brand is quite well known for producing high-quality products with quick and effective results in mind. If you’re a beginner and can’t decide which lotion to buy, this guide will help you out.

When buying a tanning lotion, you have to consider quite a few factors. Some of these range from picking a lotion according to your skin tone and sensitivity as well as allergic problems to the skin. 

Tanning lotions can cause allergic reactions if you are not careful. Many of the ingredients within the lotion can react with certain skin types. The ones from Ed Hardy that are listed below are generally good for all skin types.

Best Ed Hardy Lotions in 2019

Ed Hardy has many lotions for different tanning goals, skin types, and skin tones. Here are the ones that are most commonly used by seasoned tanners.

Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze

Buy Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze ($14.98) 

  • The Hollywood bronze tanning lotion is best for those who are looking for anti-aging properties in a tanning lotion. It contains a variety of skin nutrients that are much higher than most other tanning products out there.

In simpler terms, it will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all the while keeping your skin firmer. To achieve this, Ed Hardy has a Super Amino-peptide Complex in ith.

  • Hollywood bronze is a medium level bronzer which means that it will never help you get an extreme tan. But you will still get a darker look much easier than you would achieve the same tan from a lotion containing DHA. This is an excellent thing for individuals who are building their tan to the next level as well as people who do not want to keep building a tan but maintain a darker tone. 

If you’ve got sensitive skin, then the Ed Hardy Hollywood Bronze is an ideal lotion for you because it will never give you rashes or any other allergic problems. It is gentle to the skin no matter what kind of skin tone you have.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden

Buy Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden ($26.95)

  • The Coconut Kisses tanning lotion by Ed Hardy is best used to achieve a natural tan since it is not filled with bronzers to accelerate the production of melanin. Instead, the lotion basically uses a quad tyrosine blend to promote the production of melanin.

The two active ingredients, coconut butter and coconut mild also keeps your skin well hydrated and moisturized. Both the ingredients help keep the skin soft and they also smell very heavenly. 

  • The tanning lotion also contains the Bodyfit additive which reduces the appearance of cellulite on your body and helps firm the skin wherever it is loosened. It is also designed to protect your tattoos. 

Coconut kisses also do not heat up when exposed to UV light from a tanning bed. This is because it does not have any ingredients that tingle during the tanning process. So if you’re sensitive to such ingredients, you’ll be glad that you got your hands on this product.

Ed Hardy Upgrade to Black 

Buy Ed Hardy Upgrade to Black ($38.50)

  • The upgrade to black is Ed Hardy’s extreme option. It has a high amount of DHA bronzer in it to help you increase melanin production significantly. This is an excellent tanning lotion for people who want to get a darker tan on top of a well-tanned skin. 

In addition to high DHA levels, the tanning lotion also has melactive, an ingredient that basically acts like a melanin synthesizer. In simple terms, it stimulates melanin production in the skin on top of DHA. This will help your skin produce a lot more melanin compared to other lotions.

Ed Hardy Down Right Dark

Buy Ed Hardy Down Right Dark ($16.98)

  • If you’re looking for an intense tanning experience, then grab this lotion. It has even higher DHA levels than the Upgrade to Black tanning lotion. Like its counterpart, it is meant to significantly boost the skin’s ability to produce melanin.

Ed Hardy Down Right Black also contains hemp seed oil which acts as a skin moisturizer. This is excellent for people who have excessively dry skin. Hemp seed oil is a natural skin moisturizer that keeps your skin smooth and supple at all times. 

  • The smell is also quite pleasant and it does not leave an odor a lot of tanning lotions are known for. 

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer

Buy Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer ($19.98)

  • This tanning lotion from Ed Hardy contains tingling agents which means that it will create a tingling effect when applied to the skin. This helps the blood to travel to the skin where the lotion is applied so that oxygen within the skin is increased.

When oxygen levels in the skin are increased, melanin production increases as well. The faster your skin creates melanin, the faster the skin gets tanned. So if you’re in for a quick tan, this lotion is an excellent buy.

  • But be warned, tingling ingredients can be quite harsh to sensitive skin. Make sure you have a tolerance to such ingredients before buying this lotion.


These are just a few lotions from the Ed Hardy collection of tanning lotions. To view the full list, don’t forget to check the Tanning Lotion Warehouse store section dedicated to the brand. 

This list contains the best and most bought Ed Hardy tanning lotions from our store. We are quite confident that you will not be disappointed with any of these. 

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