Can Misbehaved Tanning Lotion be Used Outdoors with Sunscreen?

We’re proud to offer your many wonderful choices for top-quality tanning lotion. One of our most popular choices is Misbehaved tanning lotion. When we say this this is the best of the best- we mean it!

It’s time for you to set the new standard for bronze perfection with a look everyone will obsess over. Designer Skin MISBEHAVED Bronzer makes this possible. Go ahead and level up with Designer Skin’s 70X Color Frenzy Fusion and High Key Bronzing Blend to ensure unmatched, drastic color. Prepare for a seriously extra glow with the Real Reflection Complex and Microbiome Balancer for a fierce, perfected finish. We want you to up your glam game and aim to misbehave!

This is a high- key bronzing blend, featuring a real reflection complex and precision perfecting silicone. Silicone acts as a moisturizer to help condition your skin. Tanning lotions with this ingredient have been shown to make your skin look fabulous. It even smells like Strawberry Pear Daiquiri. Yum!

You’re sure to want to wear it every time you tan, so can you? Is it okay to wear this bronzer outside in the real sun? Should it be paired with sunscreen?

Can You Wear Misbehaved Tanning Lotion Outside?

When you want to be as tan as possible, as fast as possible, you need tanning lotion with bronzer to make this happen. It’s important to note that this is designed to be used indoors, in a tanning bed. Indoor tanning lotions and outdoor tanning lotions have different ingredients. Tanning lotions made for the tanning bed are packed with certain ointments, enhancers, and essential oils, which help the production of melanin in your skin. That isn’t to say you cannot wear it outside. 

The biggest difference between indoor tanning lotions and outdoor tanning lotions is that most outdoor tanning lotions include SPF sunscreen in the formula, while virtually all indoor tanning lotions do not. If you want to wear Misbehaved tanning lotion outside, you can- but you’ll need to pair it with SPF sunscreen in order to protect your skin.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to have a solid base tan before you use a lotion like this. Don’t start out with a serious bronzer lotion outdoors. You certainly don’t want to use it without SPF in order to “skip ahead” and tan as quickly as possible. Instead, think of it as an advanced tanning lotion. When it comes to achieving the golden brown hue you’re looking for, slow and steady wins the race!

Other Misbehaved Tanning Lotion Options

Designer Skin MISBEHAVED Bronzer is costlier than some other options, because it works so well. We understand that you may be hesitant to spend so much on a product you’ve never used. That’s why we also offer the Designer Skin MISBEHAVED Bronzer Packet. This is the best way to try out Misbehaved tanning lotion before purchasing a bigger bottle.


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